Democratizing access to increasingly complex marketing technology through a unique cost-effective platform explicitly designed for marketing teams

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The Market

Marketing has been totally disrupted recently The ‘post cookie’ world is ripe for new technology innovation

It is all about customer experience

Marketers are as successful as the customer experiences they deliver

Third-party cookies are retiring

Marketers job has never been more challenging trying to navigate a world of complex data privacy regulations and end of third party cookies

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have become a necessity

CDPs break data silos, connect and stitch, while empowering omni-channel customer experiences utilizing privacy-conscious cookieless first-party data

The Challenge

All businesses are trying to capture and leverage customer data to deliver high value customer experience and grow revenue

However, the challenge businesses face is that clients’ data sits in silos and disparate marketing tools without a centralized view. Moreover, the problem with existing technology solutions is that they are:

IT Oriented
Lengthy and highly complex implementation
Very costly leading to low ROI
The Company

With CDP technology at the center, DATANUUM is a specialized Customer Data and Marketing Platform, CDMP, designed for specific segments (Retail, Hospitality, Specialized Healthcare) with out-of-the-box data-driven marketing capabilities to immediately enable them to activate their first-party data and deliver exceptional customer experiences in a simple and cost-effective manner.

What We Do
Customer Data and Marketing Platform

DATANUUM’s comprehensive CDMP solution enables B2C businesses across all industries to connect, unify, and unlock their customer data potential in order to start optimizing their customer engagement and marketing budget, while delivering a hyper-personalized customer experience across all channels.

The Promise
The Advantage

A standard CDP usually has 3 capabilities:

  • Data collection of all funnels
  • Data unification & identity match
  • Data activation to various marketing channels (e.g. FB, Email marketing, SMS)

DATANUUM’ s platform offers additional capabilities on top of a traditional CDP to serve the growing needs of the Marketer of today, including:

  • Real time automated segmentation & personalization
  • Omni-channel campaign automation
  • Loyalty programs & vouchers’ programs
  • Voice of customer solution
  • Holistic analytics and attribution suites

Built for Marketing Teams

Fast Time-To-Value

Launch your CDP and customer engagement suite quickly and give customers the best experience in the shortest time possible.

Easy to Manage

Give marketing teams control with a customer data and marketing platform designed for them and that speaks their language.

Full Support

Get the help you need from on-boarding to best practices from our experienced customer success team.