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Datanuum comes from Data Continuum as we strongly believe that the right foundation of clean and up-to-date customer data coupled with intuitive and relevant marketing technology are key to business growth. ​

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Our mission

To enable businesses to grow by leveraging customer data and marketing technology.​

How We Started

Throughout our interactions with businesses, we identified common challenges faced by all brands from customer data silos, no easy way to access that data, and lack of easy-to-use tools for their marketing teams to engage customers and manage the full customer lifecycle.​

So DataNuum was founded from the deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by businesses to retain their customers and provide them with a​ consistent great customer experience. We realized that marketing tools are looked at as separate products that are not easy to manage and don't work​ together adding an unnecessary overhead to the marketing team​.

image We believe that there is a need of a technology platform that cater to marketers and that simplifies the complexity of the marketing technology without sacrificing its capabilities. Accessing unified data and acting on that data in real time should be accessible to any marketing team.

—Mustafa Sadek, Datanuum Chief Product and Technology Officer​


Unified Customer Engagement Platform

As a result, we built a unified customer engagement platform that is designed from the ground up with marketing teams in mind. Our platform unifies all customer data and channels in one place, is built to be intuitive and easy to use so that every brand can connect with their valued customers to grow more profitably and sustainably on their own terms.

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