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Let your data speak for itself

Segmenting customers has never been easier. Create different segments based on a combination of:

Campaign Engagement
Digital Behavior

Targeting the right customers with the right message at the right time represents one of the most efficient ways to optimize marketing campaigns and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

Access your data at all time in real time

All segments are dynamic and up-to-date all the way up to the moment you want to send that campaign or view that dashboard.

Get started quickly through our set of templates to cover the most common customer segments

Predictive Segments Using RFM Modeling

Divide your audience automatically, through our powerful recency/frequency/monetary (RFM) model, into distinct groups that range from champions and loyal customers all the way to at-risk and hibernating customers that are likely to churn.

Go beyond the traditional RFM model by filtering your RFM groups further by demographics, channel, and engagement

Always Target the Right Customer

Use a combination of different segmentation types to gather deeper insights about your customer and divide them into distinct groups that range from VIP to deal seekers, new customers, loyal, or at-risk customers, and/or online shoppers.

Seamless Integration with DATANUUM Marketing Stack

DATANUUM AI-Powered Customer Segmentation seamlessly integrates with our full suite of Marketing Technology products like:

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Online Ads Optimization
  • Customer Lifecycle Automated Journeys
  • Omni-Channel Campaigns Management
  • Customer Feedback
  • Loyalty Program
  • Vouchers Program

With a click of a button, you can engage with each segment separately in a relevant and timely manner whether to send an omni-channel campaign, an offer, or collect feedback.


Built for Marketing Teams

Fast Time-To-Value

Launch your CDP and customer engagement suite quickly and give customers the best experience in the shortest time possible.

Easy to Manage

Give marketing teams control with a customer data and marketing platform designed for them and that speaks their language.

Full Support

Get the help you need from on-boarding to best practices from our experienced customer success team.

Build exceptional customer experiences and increase your marketing campaigns ROI by more than 25%!

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