Loyalty Program

Give the right incentives to the right customers and establish a meaningful relationship with your top customers

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Recognize Your Most Valued Customers Across All Touch Points

Easily configure your loyalty program that better suit your business, while creating personalized consistent loyalty experiences at every interaction across all channels whether online or offline.

Boost brand value, create differentiation, increase frequency, and deepen customer relationships in an easy and simple manner.

Setup a Global Multi-Tier Loyalty Program with Flexible Rules

Keep your loyalty program relevant and attractive to your valuable customers

  • Setup flexible earn and burn rules across countries, across all customer touch points, while managing such rules in real time
  • Allow customers to unlock exclusive experiences based on their loyalty level
  • Configure bonus rewards to make your valuable customers feel special (e.g. birthday or anniversary gift), or to push a particular behavior (e.g. award more for online purchases or vice versa)

Enrich Your Customer Data

Enhanced customer experience will increasingly rely on data, and loyalty programs are a great way to source this valuable data

Enable special features in our loyalty program solution that will help you enrich your customer data immediately

Reward your customers for sharing honest feedback and valuable information with you

Give Your Customers Flexible Burning Options

Designing your loyalty programs around instant gratification leads to enhanced customer acquisition and retention rates. 

Provide your customers with multiple flexible redemption options, whether instant or through a personalized rewards catalog

Monitor the Health of Your Loyalty Program in Real Time

Track the results of your loyalty program and its impact on your business in real time, through our rich set of loyalty dashboards and reports.

Keep monitoring various metrics and analyze how your program strategy and Loyalty tactical campaigns are affecting your revenues, lead acquisition, customer conversion and engagement.

Seamless Integration with DATANUUM Marketing Stack

DATANUUM Loyalty Program seamlessly integrates with our full suite of Marketing Technology products like:

  • Customer Data Platform
  • AI-Powered Customer Segmentation
  • Online Ads Optimization
  • Customer Lifecycle Automated Journeys
  • Omni-Channel Campaigns Management
  • Customer Feedback
  • Vouchers Program

By having Omni-Channel Marketing Automation as part of our Customer Journey Management platform, you can immediately start nurturing your customers by sending the right content to the right audience in real time.


Built for Marketing Teams

Fast Time-To-Value

Launch your CDP and customer engagement suite quickly and give customers the best experience in the shortest time possible.

Easy to Manage

Give marketing teams control with a customer data and marketing platform designed for them and that speaks their language.

Full Support

Get the help you need from on-boarding to best practices from our experienced customer success team.

Create long-term advocates and lasting results that matter!

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